Esquimo - flash 3d editor

  • Do you need a leightweight 3D animation for your website ?
  • You are not very familiar with actionscript ?
  • Do you need interaction with 3D scenes ?
  • maybe you should check easy to use flash 3d editor
  • - easy to use flash 3d editor equiped
       with graphics user interface
  • - super light output files ( from 50kB)
  • - SWFs are real-time calculated
  • - very easy to learn
  • - interactivity - simple events model
  • - powerful API
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We are pleased to inform that new version of Esquimo is ready to download. Here is what we have added in current 1.4 version:
  • the major update of API, now you have much more control over exported animation. Over 100 well documented new commands. A new export option is added that publish set of "developer friendly" files that allow you to use code-completion in editors such as FlashDevelop. Now you can set up your 3d assets using Esquimo editor and do the rest job with AS3
  • export scene to SWC. Now you can compile your project into single SWF with no need of loading Esquimo SWF in runtime. All scene data are attached during compilation
  • new grouping possibilities - from now on you can create new group that consists of other groups/objects with no level limits
  • completely changed way of working with pivot. Animating objects with shifted pivot could cause some unexpected behaviours. We decide to sort it out and introduced 2 modes - GEOMETRY and ANIMATION. They bring new possibilities of using pivot and should make the animating process easier to handle
  • new Surfaces menagement way - surface is considered as separate unit and can be reused for number of objects
  • collada import (only mesh, materials and textures, other elements are under development)
  • some minor changes: specular color picker added, "smooth angle" parameter for geometry object, few bugs fixed...
Grab the demo of latest version in Download section.
A preloader with fullscreen 3d animation in the background - tutorial We have just released a tutorial that employs new features added in last release of Esquimo (v1.3.2). It is about building modern preloader with fullscreen 3d animation in the background. The whole assembly process explained step by step - designing 3 examples of background animation and actionscript coding. Stage3D is a new age for flash components including preloaders. I hope you will be able to build one after the lecture. Enjoy reading !
We are busy with expanding API for Esquimo what will see a daylight in next major release , 1.4 probably. In last few weeks series of minor bugs has been fixed and few handy features added. We would like to share it with you before we finish next milestone. Here is what we have added:
  • displaying viewports in wireframe mode
  • copying objects added ( only clonnig was available till now. each cloned object works as an instance, any change causes the same change to each cloned object )
  • new event added : "Esquimo3D.InitializationFinished". It is dispatched once full initialization is accomplished ( data transfer to graphics card and engine initialization )
  • DirectX (*.x) files importing - first attempt ( only static meshes are read at this stage )
  • *.bmp format is accepted ( it is converted to .png after loading )
  • application remembers last open/save location
  • displaying of trajectory spline fixed
Download Esquimo v1.3.2 and enjoy working with new impovements.
We would like to proudly introduce another new version of Esquimo. The new 1.3 version is based on Stage3D and at last, supports GPU acceleration. Stage3D API was introduced with the Flash Player 11 which is required to play SWFs created with Esquimo 1.3. GPU rendering allows to raise the bar in terms of performance. Thanks of that Esquimo is capable of displaying way more complex scenes, high quality textures including alpha channel and more realistic lighting.

We also added a few new features:
  • - cartoon shader
  • - dynamic lights ( up to 6 ), work with textured objects too
  • - smooth shading mode
  • - blending modes for transparent objects: normal and add
  • - PNG alpha channel support
  • - points as another layer for surface
Give it a try, download the demo version.
Next version of Esquimo will fully support Stage 3D flash funcionality (GPU usage). Mentioned release we will add few improvements in Surface section. One of new things is "cartoon" shader. Each separate object may have assigned different shader so you can display object with different surface style within one scene. Cartoon shader works well both with high and low poly objects though has a limit - it applies to one side surface only.

Watch a movie with test of beta version of the shader.
You can also check the realtime playing SWF in Molehill Zone.
Esquimo tutorial - presentation cameraThe tutorialshows the overall process of building the webpage that displays 3d model of joystick. The model can be rotating on the webpage with drag&drop method thanks of using "Presentation" camera added in version 1.2 of Esquimo. The joystick also reacts when mouse is over one of its controllers - example of using Esquimo built-in events and API. Finally all the parts are assembled in one simple HTML page.

Enjoy the lecture !

New 1.2 version of Esquimo is out. New things in the newest update:

  • added new type of camera called Presentation. The camera enables you to quickly and easy make an SWF which is displaying a 3d scene with initial rotation of camera. After clicking on the SWF area you can manipulate the view with the mouse and keyboard. Read more about the camera in the user manual: Esquimo user manual -> Cameras
  • cloning groups added (previously only single objects could be duplicated)
  • a few minor bugs fixed

We assume this is the last update concerning Esquimo version working with software rendering engine. For last couple weeks we are concentrated on preparing molehill version and hopefully the next version of Esquimo will be GPU accelerated ready.

Win Esquimo - flash 3d editorThere is a chance to have Esquimo 3D for free. Follow FlashMove in Twitter before 8th August. FlashMove is a forum/blog about flash and just celebrate its 9th anniversary. You can also win iPad2 in the anniversary contest. Check for more info.