Esquimo - flash 3d editor

  • Do you need a leightweight 3D animation for your website ?
  • You are not very familiar with actionscript ?
  • Do you need interaction with 3D scenes ?
  • maybe you should check easy to use flash 3d editor
  • - easy to use flash 3d editor equiped
       with graphics user interface
  • - super light output files ( from 50kB)
  • - SWFs are real-time calculated
  • - very easy to learn
  • - interactivity - simple events model
  • - powerful API
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New 1.2 version of Esquimo is out. New things in the newest update:

  • added new type of camera called Presentation. The camera enables you to quickly and easy make an SWF which is displaying a 3d scene with initial rotation of camera. After clicking on the SWF area you can manipulate the view with the mouse and keyboard. Read more about the camera in the user manual: Esquimo user manual -> Cameras
  • cloning groups added (previously only single objects could be duplicated)
  • a few minor bugs fixed

We assume this is the last update concerning Esquimo version working with software rendering engine. For last couple weeks we are concentrated on preparing molehill version and hopefully the next version of Esquimo will be GPU accelerated ready.