4. Fullscreen preloader - 3D tunnel
Esquimo version compatibility: 1.3.2+
  • A preloader with fullscreen 3d animation in the background - tutorialThis is step by step guide on how to build a modern preloader that takes advantage of Stage3D capabilities. There are 3 background animation examples shown with explained process of their creation. Such prepared animations need to be scripted. The tutorial covers adding progress indicator elements and adjustments for the entire movie to work on fullscreen. You will find complete source AS3 code with explanation. And finally you will find out how to organise files structure and put everything together by embedding in HTML page.
    preview the final effect example #2 example #3
3. Presentation of 3D object on the webpage
Esquimo version compatibility: 1.2+
  • 3D object presentation on the webpage - tutorialThis tutorial covers the workflow of building a simple page displays 3d model of joystick as an interactive animation. You can insert interactive 3d viewer on the webpage very easy using Esquimo and its special type of camera called "Presentation". The part of making SWF with facility of manipulating 3d scene is very quick and easy. I briefly went through the process of building a sample page that displays rotating 3d model which I've created in Blender. I have also added events handling to make the viewer more interactive. The tutorial covers how to add events handling in 2 ways - using built-in Esquimo events and using Esquimo API and actionscript3. Compacting both techniques allows to get higher interactivity level. In the tutorial's example joystick reacts when mouse is moving over one of its controllers.
    preview the final effect
2. Interactive multilevel 3d map
Esquimo version compatibility: 1.1+
  • Interactive multilevel 3d map - tutorialIn here I will show you how to build a map of virtual country based on the picture with a shape of the country. The country is divided into 3 lands. I show how to create 3d objects based on flat contour and add basic interactivity. After clicking on on of the land a view moves to its replacement which consist of smaller objects - regions. Regions are also clickable. Completing the whole map will give you an idea about using built in event handlers. You will also learn a bit about Photo target cameras.
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1. Flash above and under HTML content
Esquimo version compatibility: 1.0-1.2
  • Flash bove and under HTML content - tutorialThis tutorial shows how to make a smiple 3d looped animation using Esquimo and embed it in the webpage having elements both above and under the animation which is SWF file. In the second part there is step by step explanation on how to build HTML content and style it using CSS and finally to embed the animation.
    preview the final effect